Values of Gatka

  1. Gatka occupies a very important place in annals of sports for it being best in terms of ‘self-defence’ especially for women.
  2. With gradation and recognition having come its way, it is of great use to students and youngsters when seeking admission in educational institutions and jobs.
  3. It keeps all parts of body in motion constantly thereby going a great deal in keeping body fully fit.
  4. It also helps in weight loss to a large extent and because of it being a fast sport eye and hand co-ordination increases with each passing day.
  5. It goes a great length in taking out bad toxins from body which results in fairer skin, blood pressure remaining normal with exercise of lungs and body remaining free from arthritis.
  6. This sport can help youth to connect with their ancient culture, tradition and remaining aloof from vices i.e. drugs because Gatka players never take to drugs and intoxicants.
  7. An expert Gatkabaaz, whether male or female, acquires courage and moral strength to protect self and society too from any untoward situation.

Lets’ learn Gatka

It takes very less amount of space to play in comparison with other sports and material required is also not much. It would not be an exaggeration to say that Gatka is a complete sport in itself.

So, lets’ take a pledge to encourage our near and dear ones especially children to take up this fantastic sport and connect with our cultural roots once again.

Let’s join NGAI.