Vision 2030

The National Gatka Association of India (NGAI) and World Gatka Federation (WGF) have planned to include Gatka game in the Olympic Games. Before inclusion in Olympics, initially Gatka game will be introduced in Asian Games for which an exhaustive development for modernization has been formulated. Aiming to demonstrate debut of Gatka at international competitions, infrastructure will be upgraded and modernized besides management of Gatka tournaments by using latest IT techniques. To realize this target the NGAI and WGF have formulated a “Vision Document-2030” for next 20 years to promote and enrich this game by latest know how.

High time for computerization of Gatka infrastructure

NGAI and ISMAA are making herculean efforts since long time to get Gatka its rightful and due place on international sports map. It has been felt that more vigorous efforts are the need of the hour to maintain craze of players and spectators towards this symbol of ancient culture. In order to achieve desired goals to further popularize this sport, some suggestions are proposed to bring required changes keeping in line with modern era of computerization.

The suggestions are as under:

  1. Digital scoreboard and stopwatch to display scores during Gatka competitions.
  2. Online computerized entries of players before commencement of tournaments.
  3. Fast computerized results during events.
  4. LCD in the ground for match replay.
  5. 3 high speed video cameras in ground for match recording.
  6. LCD telecast of match through projector.
  7. Live telecast of scoreboard and Gatka tournament on website.
  8. Fibre Gatka stick with sensor and micro chip fitted in.
  9. Unique I.D. and barcode for players and officials.
  10. Computerized grading and ranking of players and referees.
  11. SMS facility for referees and players
  12. Hologram and barcoding on certificates.
  13. Mobile App on mobile phones for accessing Gatka websites.
  14. A big hard drive to maintain data of players, referees and matches.
  15. Modern equipment, Gatka kits, dress, track suits and jackets for Gatka training.
  16. Mobile van for taking material and weapons in training camps.
  17. Synthetic Gatka grounds made of thick mats.
  18. Documentary about history of Gatka.